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The Original Springs Hotel

The Original Springs Hotel was established in 1867. It shares a rich heritage with the Village of Okawville. The Hotel consists of a century old hotel, restaurant, and mineral spa.

The Original Springs Hotel's present building was opened May 1, 1893 after a fire completely destroyed the previous structure in 1891. Additional rooms and indoor swimming pool give us our present facility.

A Brief History:
In 1867, Rudolph Plegge who lived and conducted a saddlery and harness shop on the ground now occupied by The Original Springs Hotel, experienced trouble with one of his tin kettles starting to leak after time. Mr. Plegge complained to the local tinsmith about an inferior grade of tin being used in his vessels. The tinsmith then used copper, however, the results were the same.

Dr. James Mcllwain, Sr. conducted some simple tests on the water and found a high mineral content. Water samples were then sent to St. Louis for further testing. Analysis showed very strong medicinal qualities, comparable in quality to the famous Carlsbad Baths in Germany and to the renowned waters of Hot Springs, Arkansas, though not hot when coming out of the ground.

Mr. Plegge contacted Mr. C. H. Kelle, a nearby farmer, who had worked in the baths in Baden Baden, Germany. Together they established a small bath house, giving the first Mineral Bath on September 16, 1868.

(Excerpts from Magazine "Egyptian Hustler", 1919)


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